Aug. 27th, 2010

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A couple of months back, I started using the Persona feature of the Firefox web browser.  For those of you who use Firefox, a Persona changes only the look of the header and footer bars, while a Theme changes those and things like the fonts, the shape of the buttons, and other stuff.  Both are addons for Firefox; each Theme is its own add-on, Personas require one add-on and then you go to the Gallery page and choose what you want to use.

The great things about Personas are that 1) you can swap them without restarting Firefox and 2) you can set up a Favorites file at the Gallery (after creating a free account) and then with the Persona Rotator addon, you can rotate through them as quickly as one per minute.

One problem with Persona headers is that they can be the height of five toolbars.  To see the whole thing, you may need the Multirow Bookmark Toolbar addon.   As long as you have at least one button in each row you'll be able to extend your header.

This is Mozilla's FAQ page for Personas, in case all I've done is confused you.

Okay, technical stuff out of the way -- on with the countdown!

My "nature" Personas. )

Coming up next: fandom Personas.
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When I started using the Personas Rotator, of course I went immediately for my fandoms.  Some like Doctor Who and its spin-offs are well-represented, but many had only two or three entries.  Well, we couldn't have that, could we?

Clicking on any image will take you to that page in the Persona Gallery.

Labyrinth )

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. )

The Sentinel )

Life on Mars (U.K.) )

Ashes to Ashes )

The Guild )


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