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When I started using the Personas Rotator, of course I went immediately for my fandoms.  Some like Doctor Who and its spin-offs are well-represented, but many had only two or three entries.  Well, we couldn't have that, could we?

Clicking on any image will take you to that page in the Persona Gallery.

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Thirty-six icons from the A2A / Top Gear crossover skit for the 2008 Children in Need telethon. Cross-posted all over the place; sorry for the spammage.

The usual: no hotlinking; please comment and credit; sure you can use 'em for blanks or jigger with 'em, in fact I've kept the original screencaps if you don't like my cropping.


001 002 003

Thirty-three more under the cut )
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Life on Mars series 2 episode 5: 10
Ashes to Ashes series 1 episodes 1, 5, 6 and 7: 32
Phil Glenister in "Free Tibet" shirt: 3

You know the  song: please comment and credit, you may use as blanks or 'shop if I can see the results, if you'd like the original screencaps just drop me a line.


OMG, 45 icons! )
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Ashes to Ashes season / series 1, episodes 3 and 4

Mercy, the interview rooms with those lovely blue-gray walls and the stripes... I know Phil swears his eyes are green, but when he's dressed like that, against those walls, they're not. (Mine do the same thing -- change from blue to aqua to green depending on what color I'm wearing.)

And I know this is my first run through the eps since they were originally aired, and I'm only halfway through them, but I think the trouble with the Quattro not being as beloved / as much a character in the show as the Cortina was, is that we don't see enough of the characters in the car. They all hop in and take off at high speeds, they chase, they squeal to a stop and all rush out of the car. There's not as much surveillance and hanging out sitting on the hood discussing the situation as there was in LIfe on Mars. IMO. Of course, YMMV... *grins* Anyway, I finally got a good cap' that shows both Phil and enough of the car that you can tell he's in it. It's also nice the way the light falls across his face in that shot.

Oh, the usual -- comment, credit, no hot-linking, they're up for grabs as bases if I can see the finished product.

001 002 003
More pretty pictures here )


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