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Seven icons from a publicity still for Hamlet on David's site.

You know the song -- please comment, credit, don't hotlink; available for blanks; I've kept the original cap if you want to play.


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Six more icons here )
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Because of Two. I couldn't resist.

Only six, and if you don't like the crops, they're all from the Hamlet album at David's site (the linky takes you to page 9; there are more on page 5.) Cross-posted at [ profile] gritsinmisery, [ profile] dwicons, and [ profile] dtennantcom. Apologies for the spammage.


Three more here )
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Six icons from the 2008 RSC production of Hamlet

Ta to [ profile] sam42  for alerting me that there were new photos!  From the photos on David's site, see there for photographer. 

Linked at my main blog and [ profile] dtennantcom


Three more icons )
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[ profile] quazonic cued me in to the fresh Hamlet photos up at David's site (and pbly other places, I'm sure) with a couple of icons.

The one of him in the graveyard gives us a bit of fun to edit.  There're only four, so I'm not cutting.  He'p y'se'f.

Cross-posted at [ profile] gritsinmisery and [ profile] dwicons.
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A couple more of Eddie, left over from the last go-around, plus some of David because it's fun to see him "being himself." There's only five, so no LJ cut. Sue me.

David Tennant : 2 (the finale of Darren Brown: Trick or Treat)
Eddie Izzard : 3 (from the program for his latest concert -- Stripped!)

Boilerplate: credit, comment, no hot-linking, sure you can edit them but can I see, please?

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Life on Mars: 2
Silence in the Library (Doctor Who 4-8): 3
Eddie Izzard (various; captions from Stripped! tour): 10

Comment, credit, no hot-linking (you know this tune already!) Feel free to caption any blanks or "pretty" things up, but please credit me and let me see a copy, because I like pretties.


001 002 003
More under here! )
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Icons of a lovely shot of Fivey's neck from The Black Orchid, and an icon and the blank for my main LJ's Friends Only banner from Fires of Pompeii.

Banner cut for politeness )

The same-old: comment, credit, no hot-linking, of course you can 'cap the blanks or Photoshop.
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The photo in the Guardian was so pretty I couldn't resist.



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